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LETTER: God is definitely alive

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

As I came behind a car in Mitchell a sign caught my eye. It said "God's Dead." If her god is Baal, she is right as Baal is dead.

I was shocked to see that sign but not as shocked as she will be when she meets my real live god.

My God is in heaven and definitely alive. He watches over me 24/7. When I die, I'll see him face to face and praise Him forever and ever.

When Jesus, God's son was here on earth, He told the people to ask forgiveness for their sins. If not God will say "Away from me. I don't know you."

There are two places after death: Heaven, praising God; and Hell, fire and suffering.

Remember: 1. Life is short. 2. Death is certain. 3. Eternity is long. Be ready.

Margaret Feenstra