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LETTER: It's time to tell Fyra no more

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To the Editor:

After reading a statement by Councilman Olson at the recent council meeting — I decided to write this. When hearing Frya's statement "Lake might have 8 times more sediment than first estimated" then approving $80,000 for another study — Olson stated, "If we don't have a lake our community loses everything!" That's ridiculous! Does that mean the millions of dollars we spent on the Corn Palace, Hitchcock pool, aquatic center, soccer fields, doesn't mean anything without the lake?

Why the scare tactics? Like in the March 16, 2018 Daily Republic: "Lake Mitchell warning policy altered "After putting up warning signs about the water quality of the lake Councilman Barington stated, "We are literally scaring the public not to go into lake Mitchell!" Even he said he used the lake over the summer. Another scare tactic by one of the council members: "The water quality of the lake is chasing people away!" But when I drove through the campground it was full!

Now we know that the city itself, with their overly aggressive signs, kept people from using the lake; not the water quality itself!

Now the Frya's company did work for Mitchell for 2 1/2 years without S.D. engineering license; estimated 250,000 cubic yards to be dredged (more like 2 million ) 8 times more! Will want millions of taxpayers dollars with no guarantee it will work. It's time to tell Frya No! Even the Daily Republic said in its March 12 edition "Our view" "Hisses" We only wish people who

continue to stand by this firm would admit their mistake and kick this company to the curb! Well said! Ask yourself this: After giving them millions of our money why won't they guarantee they can fix the problem? I wish the council and mayor would stop saying, "They think the public is on board with spending millions."When people keep hearing that over and over, after awhile

they'll think it's true! But if they would say: "We don't think people would approve of this project;" after hearing that over and over people would be against it!

Stewart Hanson