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LETTER: This isn't a safer solution

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To the Editor:

Recently the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDOT) announced that it is tearing out four of the five lane spots in Bon Homme County and replacing them with turning lanes in the name of "safety."

I'm not sure where they are coming from, except SDOT hasn't done anything to make them safer. For example: The citizens asked for 45 mph through Tyndall, but SDOT leaves it at 55 mph. They could also square out an approach and add overhead lights to all five areas. But no, let's throw the baby out with the bath water. (If your fan belt breaks do you buy a new car?) Millions to be spent. Your tax dollar nonetheless! When minor things could be done.

You should also know that SDOT doesn't have funding to place sanding/snow removal trucks on the road between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. So safety, really?

I think their priorities are a little misconstrued. Please clip this out and send to your state congressman/woman. Let them find out what's going on. Thank you.

Richard Kloucek