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Allen to stay out of Mitchell mayoral race

Mitchell City Councilman Dan Allen speaks at a City Council meeting in this Daily Republic file photo. (Republic file photo)

Mitchell City Councilman Dan Allen isn't interested in running for the mayor's office in 2018.

Allen put an end to the rumors that have swirled for months about his possible candidacy, telling The Daily Republic that he's content to serve out the final two years of his current council term.

"I've got other commitments, and I've got two more years on the council," Allen told The Daily Republic last week. "I can be more effective on the board with the council members."

Allen is one of the longest tenured council members currently on the eight-person board, having served since 2006. When he moved from Ward 2 to Ward 3, he had a brief hiatus from the council, but returned months later. Councilmen Marty Barington and Jeff Smith have served longer.

Allen was up for re-election as recently as 2017, when he won by a landslide over competitors Blake Waddell and Ed Potzler. Allen gained 299 votes compared to his competitors' combined 122.

Councilman Mel Olson remains the only mayoral candidate in Mitchell. Olson is a Mitchell High School teacher and former state legislator. He's served on the council since 2009.

Incumbent Mayor Jerry Toomey reiterated to The Daily Republic in February that he does not intend to run for re-election. He's maintained that stance since shortly after his election in 2015.